Greg specializes in protecting buyers and sellers as they navigate the unique legal complexities of closing on deals in the world’s most complicated residential real estate market — the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.


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These unsolicited comments from some of Greg Maybaum’s clients offer a window into the experience you can expect when you choose him as your closing attorney.

“...Super thorough and knowledgeable...with appreciation of the end goal.”

Philip, Manhattan, Seller

“Greg spent a good long time with me learning who I was, what my timing was, my work schedule, my lack of experience with real estate and with lawyers — he was the first lawyer I ever hired.”

Claudia, Brooklyn, Buyer

“Greg is so thoughtful and experienced…I am always willing to pay more for certainty.”

Jonathan, Manhattan, Buyer & Seller

“He’s more expensive but worth it.”

“I don’t want to be a test case with some new closer or young attorney. I don’t want to be handled like a sheep in an attorney’s stable of clients. I want special, first-class, all-about-me service.”

Omar, Brooklyn, Buyer

“Greg’s the attorney you want the other side to know you’re using….”

Michael, NYC Broker

“When Greg explained how he works, how he approaches every client, every deal and every interaction, I was so impressed. How could I not hire him? And my expectations were exceeded.”

Lauren, Queens, Buyer

“If the deal gets tricky, he’s the guy you want.”

Janet, NYC Broker

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