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We approach every day, each deal and each issue with a mindset of being available, focused, and helpful. This is what

Distinguishes Us from Others.

We completely saturate ourselves into each deal. And while we are in, we follow a practice methodology of goal segmentation. We look at each task as having its own goal and then maintain a constant focus on adapting our delivery to achieve the goal. Working through an issue takes time and consideration. It’s an evaluation of outcomes and then a choice of process to achieve the outcome desired.

When we write an email, or when we have a discussion with an attorney, we think about how the recipient is going to react. Is our tone proper? Are we using the right words? Are we coming across in a manner that will help us achieve our goal?

If it is discussing a desired clause with a seller’s counsel, we deliver our position in a manner that will show how the clause is reasonable and not outside the norm, why we need it and why it’s a reasonable request of the seller. When communicating with a management company to set up a closing date, we do so in a manner that takes the agent’s work load and responsibilities into consideration.

Every deal has challenges. Every communication is a potential challenge. It’s our job to work through those challenges and to help and assist our teammates in doing so, as well.

There is more to being a law firm than just pushing paper. It’s actually performing a service that helps. And it takes time, patience, knowledge and host of other skills that are honed everyday.

We Are Here to Help

We are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan. Use the form below or call us for a consultation and review of your deal. We can then work out a reasonable flat fee for your closing.

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