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To allow us the time to approach every challenge properly,

We Only Work on
Residential Closings

We don’t have one set flat fee regardless of the deal and the issues. We have the flexibility to adapt a fee to the situation.

Beware the attorney who can quote a fee without understanding the deal.

And it is for that reason that we ask a series of questions upfront so that the client and we can chart the course together.

One way lawyers charge is by an hourly rate. However, in the real estate community, an hourly rate is not the norm. Buyers and Sellers like to be able to gauge their closing costs upfront. Plus, given the competitiveness of the industry, an hourly rate is not appropriate. A normal deal could have anywhere from 15 to 20 hours of work and at such levels the cost could really skyrocket. So, as closing attorneys, we charge a flat fee that takes factors into consideration such as the deal size, buyer or seller, financing vs. no financing, due diligence vs. already living in the building, house vs. apartment, and so on.

We promise that we will offer you a reasonable fee for our services. We are not the lowest priced attorneys, but will offer you proper, effective, and first class service at a reasonable, competitive rate.



We Are Here to Help

We are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan. Use the form below or call us for a consultation and review of your deal. We can then work out a reasonable flat fee for your closing.

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