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Our Goal is to Help

And we put in a lot of Hard Work to accomplish this.

We truly want to help. In our practice, it’s all about the client: how can we help our client, how can we keep our client informed, how can we educate and protect our client. In order to help our client, we need to help our team members, the bankers and brokers. We need to remain available to them, to understand their tasks and responsibilities and appreciate how and when we can be helpful to them throughout the process. We even want to help the other side of the deal to stay on track, to work through the challenges and to get to closing properly.

But don’t get us wrong — our loyalty is with our clients who we will represent 100%. If we can achieve that by helping everyone and not sacrificing client confidence, duty and loyalty, then we have succeeded in properly representing our client.

An Experienced Team

Greg and Jen

With 25+ years of experience in residential closings in NYC, our team — headed by Greg — has the expertise to properly guide you through this process.

We have a war chest of the highest quality techniques to achieve success for our clients, such as:

  1. Chess Moves: We deem every communication to be a chess move. Every email, every call, every talk is taken with a vision of where we want to end up; we consider the options of how to get there, what the responses might be and then our reply, we are constantly thinking forward.
  2. It’s all in the Message: Every communication is an opportunity for us to create an impression and to deliver a message. We communicate with proper tone, emotion and wording to optimize our desired result.
  3. Meticulous Attention to Detail: We don’t assume what a provision is supposed to say, we read everything. We love to hear from the other side, “Thank you for pointing that out, you’re actually the first to catch that.”
  4. Team Work: Everyone on the deal is an essential component to achieving our goals; we develop relationships and show respect.
  5. Practicing in the Now: Staying focused on our client and the task at hand, eliminating multi-tasking, taking a breath before we talk, actively listening, appreciating and then suggesting a course of action.

And we have many more skills and techniques cultivated over 25 years of practice.

Why Use Us?

We have one primary, targeted goal in mind:

Our client at the closing table, sitting comfortably, with a smile from ear to ear, leaning towards us and saying, “Wow, thank you! You did a wonderful job, everything you promised and more.”

And we strive to achieve that goal by:

  1. Providing first class, expert service.
  2. Educating our Client on the Product.
  3. Creating a base platform of knowledge for our Client, so there are no surprises in the process.
  4. Remaining available to our Client on demand to address all issues and concerns.

We Are Here to Help

We are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan. Use the form below or call us for a consultation and review of your deal. We can then work out a reasonable flat fee for your closing.

Send us an email now:

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